How To Plan Your Retail Commercial Remodeling Project For Today's Customer

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If you’re planning to remodel your retail store, there’s going to be an unlimited number of ways you can optimize the design plan to create a beautiful, modern space. A good retail commercial remodeling design plan will go a long way to helping you make the most out of every square foot of space while appealing to the expectations of today’s customers.

In our downtown area, a Houston commercial remodeling contractor knows how important modern interior designs are to attract customers since we’re surrounded by ultra-modern buildings. True, not every location is so modern, but focusing on today’s customer is important for any business’s success, and a good retail commercial design plan will help you to achieve your sales and customer retention goals.

Think from a Customer’s Point of View When Creating The Retail Remodeling Design

The best way to design for a customer is to think like one. Try to think of some little conveniences your particular type of customers would want.

For instance, if you’re remodeling a toy store, think like a child and their parents. Would making space for a soda or candy machine, a play area, or another idea offer convenience and enjoyment for your customers as they spend time shopping for toys in your retail shop?

Or, if you’re remodeling a restaurant or food court space, think like someone who’s hungry and doesn’t want to wait too long for their food. Then, make sure the commercial remodeling design allows for the customer waiting area to offer plenty of space, and that the food prep and counter areas are designed for maximum efficiency.

Retail Remodeling Design to Include Impulse Buys

Planning your retail commercial remodeling design to include an area where you can switch out products from week to week can help you to maximize the floor space in between isles. Remember, your customers need enough space to where it’s not cramped and frustrating to shop. Plus, you’ll be able to show all your wares eventually, just not all at the same time.

One area where you could implement this suggestion is the impulse buy area. However, whether you switch the products out or keep them the same, you’ll want to carefully plan what type of products you’ll be displaying and make sure they’re located in an easy to see area near your store registers.

Depending on the product values, you may need to plan to incorporate a glass case which can be locked. If you do, you’ll want to be sure the design includes enough floor or shelf space, and that the employee behind the register can easily access the back of the case without having to leave the register.

Plan Your Remodeling Design to Include Purchasing Modern Lighted Signage

It’s pretty frustrating to have to walk from one end of the store to the other and then front to back, but you still can’t find where to begin looking for a particular item you’re shopping for. Lighted signage helps your shoppers to find what they’re looking for faster.

Lighted signs attract way more attention than those free sales posters you get from suppliers, they’re just easier to see. Even though you still want to display the sales posters, don’t just rely solely on them or else all you’re doing is overloading the customer’s senses and making the space look cluttered.

You could use lighted signage to direct customers to different areas of the store, such as, “Beverages”. Or, you could use lighted signage for sales such as the following, just be sure they’re generic enough to use for long periods or can be moved around as needed because they are an investment.

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