Touchless Faucets Magically Make Water Waste and Spreading Germs Disappear

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With today’s economy, Houston business owners are becoming more concerned about saving money and preventing unnecessary waste. One easy way to accomplish this is to “go green” in business operations through a number of green commercial remodeling concepts. As a matter of fact, it is now common to see entire offices restructured to be more environmentally friendly and cost effective. Some steps that are commonly taken are to cut down on paper usage, recycling and eco-friendly appliances to reduce utility cost and natural resource waste.

One such environment and budget friendly appliance is the Auto Faucet from Technical Concepts Touchless Restroom series. The Auto Faucet is a highly cost effective automatic sink system that reduces the amount of water waste by as much as 70%. Compare the Auto Faucet to traditional manual faucets that wastes water daily and are prone to drips. Manual faucets also facilitate the spreading of germs with the amount of people that touch the same knobs. Manual faucets are also more likely to malfunction and have to be replaced.

The innovative surround sensor technology of the Technical Concepts Auto Faucet only dispenses water when it is needed and detects animate moving hands from all angles. This eliminates uncontrolled dripping and unattended water flow. As an added way to preserve water the Auto Faucet comes with an aerator which mixes the water with air, giving the illusion of more water being used than there really is. The maximum run time for the Auto Faucet is 30 seconds and with a patented cam gear technology that control sticking valves, the cause of dripping, the risk of a malfunction is minute.

The Technical Concepts Auto Faucet also increases sanitary hygiene and eliminates cross contamination between users. This encourages healthy hand washing and increases the image of a professional, clean public restroom. According to a variety of surveys, people believe the state of public bathrooms are one of the best indicators of the professionalism of a business and the quality of a service offered.

The automatic faucet operates on 4 D cell batteries and with a life of up to 3+ years the touchless system is very low maintenance. It comes with All electrical components are contained in one housing unit with helps with the ease of installation. The Auto Faucet comes with an optional thermostatic mixing valve that combines hot and cold water into the perfect temperature for the user. You also have the option of a 4″ or 8″ cover plate. The cover for the faucet comes in a variety of finishes: brushed chrome, polished chrome, polished brass, and satin nickel. Talk to your Houston commercial remodeling contractor about having touchless faucets installed in your company’s bathroom.

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