Tips On Commercial Remodeling In Houston

Houston Commercial Remodeling

Commercial remodeling often involves remodeling to suit a Houston business which will rent out and operate in the space. Some call this simply commercial remodeling or building to suit and some call it a commercial build-out. Either way, the remodeling focuses on specific changes detailed in the rental contract that is required by the business that will be using the space.

If a retail store will use the commercial building or part of it, the flooring will need to be very resistant to damage, the electrical will need to be sufficient for all their equipment and lighting, and most of the space will need to be designed to showcase products appropriately.

An office space, on the other hand, would need to be designed and remodeled with specific carpeting and flooring, enclosed office spaces, electrical and cabling for computer networking, and break-rooms designed with enough kitchen space.

No matter what the space will be used for, there are key areas to focus on when remodeling any commercial building in Houston. The project could involve extensive changes or just a few. Here are some tips to help plan the most important basics of the project right.


Focus On The Best Commercial Flooring

No matter what type of business it is, there will be a high amount of foot traffic involved. Restaurants, retail outlets, grocery stores, and shopping centers will have way more foot traffic than a small computer shop would. But either way, the flooring must be durable enough to last for as long as possible. After all, it costs more to replace a less durable flooring material again in just a few short years. It only makes sense to choose a flooring type that will stand up well from the start.

As a commercial building owner, consider the most durable floor types when remodeling. Stained, epoxy, and painted concrete floors are highly durable and definitely something to consider. This is a long-last floor type that is very cost-effective.

If you have a lovely jewelry store or executive office suites, bamboo flooring may be right for you. This is another highly durable flooring material though the initial cost is higher. There are shades of bamboo that range from light to dark, all of which are breathtakingly beautiful.

Then, the tough commercial composite laminate sheet vinyl is the best option for many. For carpeting, only commercial-grade carpeting should be installed with woven carpeting as one the most durable and comfortable.

Natural stone adds a touch of class to any commercial building. You can also cover the walls with natural stone such as marble, slate, or granite. It is a higher-end material that creates something special to the decor. It does require more regular maintenance and will surely need a protective sealer applied to help reduce scratches and stains.


Focusing On The Commercial Lighting

The lighting design for a commercial building will vary depending on the type of business involved. Retail stores need different lighting options than an office space would. When planning your Houston commercial remodeling project, make sure the workspaces are well lit for safety. Also, make sure the type of light installed is appropriate for the business. Consider looking at LED light fixtures as they will make a significant difference in the energy costs of the business.


Focusing On Electrical Work In Commercial Remodeling

Listen, while the final results will be all about aesthetics, the commercial building needs to be safe with a reliable electrical system. You don’t want to see your commercial investment go up in smoke due to faulty wiring or an overtaxed electrical system. No matter what type of build-out or remodeling you have planned, safety is always first. Electrical panel upgrades need to be done, new circuits installed where needed, repairs made, and old wiring replaced in older buildings.

You should know what to expect from the electrical system in its current state and what needs to be done to add to it, repair it, and upgrade it if needed. This is what electrical inspection will detail in writing. From this information, you can plan your commercial remodeling project well to ensure the safety of occupants and your assets.


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