Shoppers: You Can’t Find What You Need Because the Layout’s All Wrong!

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Have you ever been in a Houston store that, although it has great prices, its layout and design is so contorted that it is difficult to find anything? Perhaps you felt as though you wandered in circles trying to find the items on your list. If so, then chances are you decided your time was too valuable to spend it rambling about looking for an item.

There are many contributing factors to problems like this one. But often times, it is as much due to poorly-designed space, or perhaps not enough space, which makes it difficult to arrange merchandise in a shopper-friendly design. If you are a Houston business owner with a poorly-designed shopping space, you may be finding that this is resulting in a loss of sales. If this is your situation, you may want to consider upgrading your Houston business floor plan.

Many companies can help make your store more user friendly, and the list includes more than an interior designer. One such company is your Houston remodeling contractor specializing in remodeling commercial space. When you contact a commercial contracting company, they can look at your floor plan and determine ways to make it more useable, thus making it more attractive to the consumer. And, while the initial investment may seem steep, once the commercial remodeling project is finished, you can have a grand re-opening sale and invite everyone you can think of to see the new and improved location designed to meet their shopping needs.

Of course, hiring a Houston commercial contractor to upgrade your business space can also be done before you open your place of business for the first time. If you would like to start a business, but the place you will be using is not conducive to a positive experience for the consumer, then you will want to call the contractor sooner rather than later.

So, how do you go about hiring a Houston commercial contractor with experience in retail locations?

Here are a few tips to help:

  • Talk to any store owners you may know whose stores are well designed. Ask who they recommend. If they list any particular contracting company, ask what they liked – or disliked – about the company. Try to collect the names of at least five commercial contractors. You can also check out sites like Angie’s List, or get reviews from the Better Business Bureau.
  • Set up interviews with each company. A good contractor will typically give you a free estimate, and will make suggestions as they tour your place of business. Pay close attention to any suggestions they make; you may even wish to keep a notebook so you can refer to it when making your final decision.
  • During the interview, find out how many years of experience they have; whether they have personal liability insurance and workman’s comp; how their billing process is designed (you should not be expected to pay more than one-third of the costs upfront); and whether you can visit any additional jobs – both those completed and in progress. Also, note whether the contractor listens to you and treats you with respect. You will be spending a great deal of time with them and having an amenable relationship will benefit everyone.
  • Once you have found a Houston contractor that meets all your needs and offers a price and design that is appealing, you are ready to move forward to the construction of your newly designed space.


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