Conference Call: What About the Furniture?

There are a few considerations to make before purchasing conference tables and conference room chairs. Most conference rooms are not just used by management and employees as a place to hold meetings and give presentations, but as an effective tool to interact with the company’s clientele, visitors and customers. Generally visitors spend a substantial amount of time in a conference room discussing and negotiating business, and leave with a lasting impression of the company’s professionalism and success. Once you and your Houston commercial remodeling contractor have consulted over the design of the room itself, you can discuss the furniture that will be appropriate to the setting.

Creating an Ambiance

Whether your conference tables are located in plain view behind a glass wall, or open for public viewing when walking past the door, it is important to create an ambience for every attendee. Prosperous companies tend to equip their conference rooms with expensive furnishings as a way to make a statement about the successful achievements of their business. The style and design of their conference rooms can create an impressive atmosphere for both their employees and management teams, along with company professionals with their clientele.

Determining the Table Shape

While most individuals would tend to think of conference tables as nothing more than a place to sit and hold a meeting, designers understand that the shape of the table can dramatically determine the results of the conference. A long narrow shape tends to isolate people from one end to the other and accomplish very little over the course of the meeting. A boat shaped table (one that is rectangle with rounded corners) tends to be the ideal shape for running collaborative meetings, where groups of people can easily share ideas, simply because no one is in the lead.

Rectangle tables that have a specific head and foot on each end tend to be better for training courses, teaching evaluations or any type of meeting that has a defined leader. This hierarchical setting tends to diminish creative thought or share expression in the group. When making your selection of table shapes, consider the type of business you perform and the results you are attempting to achieve.

Finding the Design

Conference tables are fabricated in a variety of materials, shapes, dimensions and designs. You will find numerous contemporary styles, built from epoxy coated metals and heavy tempered glass. Manufacturers craft traditional style tables from many varieties of hardwood, in both simple and complex designs. You will even find ready to assemble tables that offer an option to those on the limited budget.

Determining Its Size

The size of your conference table will determine the impression you are attending to present about your company. Tables that are too big in a small room tend to overcrowd the attendees, making it very challenging to move around. Another poor design is a small conference table in a very large room. This tends to diminish collaboration from the attendees resulting in a diminished outcome of the meeting. Striking the right balance of well-designed conference tables that help set off the ambiance of the room in a shape that produces the desired outcome of each meeting, is the ideal conference table for your office. The selection of your conference room furniture is an integral part of the commercial remodeling project and should be given as much attention as all other aspects.

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