Granite Too Pricey For Your Restaurant? Maybe Not

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Creating the perfect look for your private office, bar, or Houston restaurant takes time. These are the places that your business will develop, and in some cases these spaces are your business. Making them presentable is a requirement, but making them stand out is a talent. Using the right materials to get started on a commercial remodeling job is important. Just ask your Houston Commercial Remodeling Contractor.

For many Houston bar and restaurant owners, a bar is a focal point of business and foot traffic. Oftentimes when it comes time to design a bar, whether it be a linear bar, centrally located, or wraparound in design they are built by means of carpentry. Wooden bars are cost effective and fairly easy to build, but they show visible wear much sooner than their stone counterparts, and are susceptible to water damage – a real threat at bars – than less porous surfaces.

The problem with granite for commercial use is that when used outside very limited areas like domestic kitchens and bathrooms, the cost per square can rise dramatically. Granite and marble are expensive stones to use, but also the premier stones when it comes to durable, functional, and attractive countertop installations.

There is another way, however.

Overlays and engineered granite can cut the square foot cost and also cut the installation time incredibly. A traditional slab, whether it be used for the bar top, flooring, or for the walls, can cost well into the 5-figure range per commercial applications. Overlays cut that cost down, while providing a surface not only stronger than regular slabs and wood finishes, but also more durable. Water damage, heat damage, and scratches all occur less on engineered overlays. Installation only takes days, not weeks, and no demolition is required. If you have a cheaply made wooden countertop, picking overlays can quickly transform that unremarkable fixture into a commercial showpiece to build a business around.

When developing your Houston business, don’t forget to weigh the options and benefits that granite overlays can bring to your business.

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