Expert New Construction in Houston by Brand

    New Construction in Houston imageEvery remodeling project begins with strategic design & planning. It’s essential to get it right every step of the way. This is why smart business owners choose Brand Construction Services. We are the commercial design specialists that companies in Houston and the surrounding cities all across Texas depend on for their most important remodeling developments. Our Houston remodeling contractor will bring your ideas to life beginning with in-depth consultation and ending with a clean finished product that you’ll be proud of!

    Your Business, Your Image

    Your company image is important. You invest serious time and money to insure that every facet of your company’s overall image is precisely what you want your clients to see. Your staff takes pride in a well designed office and an attractive business that welcomes people through the door. So why not go the extra mile in enhancing your company’s image with an innovative design from Brand Construction Services? We partner with business owners to create original interior concepts that enhance what your company is all about.

    Complete Remodeling Design for Every Room

    The Brand Construction team of experts can custom design every room in your business. We specialize in room remodeling ranging from restrooms to break and conference rooms, show floors, retail space and office additions. We tackle all commercial projects from the floor up and add the finishing touch with professional interior painting. Our design group can show you the finished product before launch date, so that you know exactly what your vision will look like. See difference Brand Construction can make!

    Superior Soundproofing

    Need a private conference room? Or maybe you want to block noise that is projecting from the adjacent room. Look no further. Brand also offers soundproofing services that eliminate noise coming in or going out of your office. We can provide decibel reduction designs for floors, ceilings wall, and even glass windows by reinforcing layers or adding acoustic products that deaden the sound of any space regardless of how large or small. We’ve created soundproof rooms for churches, attorney offices, schools, homes, apartments, and even gymnasiums. Contact us to see how soundproofing can work for your business.

    New Construction in Houston Has Never Been Easier

    Say goodbye to headaches with Brand Construction Services. We are customer satisfaction driven company. We take care with every client, listen closely, and work hard to create a product that you’ll love for years to come. Our quality New Construction in Houston services will insure security, safety, and durability for your staff without compromising style. Business owners in Houston depend on our certified trained contractors to get the job done and get it right the first time! You’ll appreciate our affordable service. See the difference Brand Construction can make in your next remodeling project. Call us today!

    Brand Construction provides a broad range of commercial products and services for business owners in Houston. Some of our services include:

    • New Construction in Houston
    • Commercial Remodeling
    • Restroom Remodeling
    • Break Room Remodeling
    • Painting
    • Office Additions
    • Insurance Restoration
    • Interior Design & Decorating
    • Consulting
    • Soundproofing
    • Office Build Out

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