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    Interior Design in Houston imageThe style and design of your commercial property are the frontlines of your entire company’s image. As soon as your clients step through the door they instantly feel a certain way about your business Therefore it is important to make a positive and lasting impression. Every space in your business counts and says something about who your organization is. The interior design & decoration experts at Brand Construction can help you create that perfect image with innovative concepts that enhance your business’ image and attract your target market.

    Planning & Design are the First Step

    Your entire project begins with design and strategic planning. If you know what you want but don’t know how to get it Brand can help. Our consultants have helped numerous business owners make their vision become a reality. We meet with you one and one and begin the process of designing your entire business concept from top to bottom from the walls to the floors, paint, décor, and overall design.

    We take your ideas and show you the entire interior room concept project launch so that you can see exactly what your room looks like. This insures your total satisfaction from start to finish. You’ll love the way your business looks, and your clients will love it to!

    Design & Décor for Every Room in Your Business

    At Brand we specialize in decoration and Interior Design in Houston. We are the remodeling experts in Houston with over a decade of experience designing business concepts for both large and small business. We understand the room design is about creativity, innovation, and also reflecting your entire company’s image. We take great care with every room we design and do it right the first time.

    We focus on target rooms for your business. We offer remodeling for restrooms, conference rooms, break rooms and other key areas of your office. Our experienced design team knows how to how to optimize each of these rooms in order to provide spaces that are functional, spacious, and stylish. We evaluate your current building’s design and create rooms which complement the overall look and feel of your business.

    Quality Products & Services from Brand Construction

    Your new interior remodeling project is an investment into your company’s future. It is important that you find a commercial Houston remodeling contractor that can carry out your vision in a manner that is efficient, professional, and adds value to your business. This is why Brand Construction is Houston’s premier design and decorating company. We understand the specific needs of every business owner and work diligently to exceed all expectation.

    We only use the highest quality products from reputable manufacturers. We install all material according to manufacturer’s specifications to insure that the final construction is safe and long lasting. We meet all building codes without taking shortcuts. And we do it at an affordable investment to the business owner.

    Launch Your Next Project in Style!

    Brand Construction provides a broad range of commercial products and services for business owners in Houston. Some of our services include:

    • Construction Design
    • Commercial Remodeling
    • Restroom Remodeling
    • Break Room Remodeling
    • Painting
    • Office Additions
    • Insurance Restoration
    • Interior Design & Decorating
    • Consulting
    • Soundproofing
    • Office Build Out

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