Professional Houston Painting Contractor from Brand Construction

Houston Painting Contractor imageHouston Business owners choose Brand Construction for all their commercial painting needs. Our dependable certified professionals can give your room or office the fresh new look it needs in no time at all. Our design consultants spend time with you picking out the right colors and tones that will match you entire company image. If you want to make an impression, than start with Brand Construction Services. We create eye-popping designs that instantly add appeal to any room in your business. Go with the best. Go with Brand Construction.

Brand Quality from Start to Finish

Brand Construction knows that your company’s image is an important part of your marketing strategy. Everything about your business has to look good and feel good from your products to your staff and, of course, your facilities. You want to make a lasting impression as soon as your clients walk through the door. Every element of your room needs to stand out and create a unique image that sets your business apart.

This is why a fresh paint job is essential. The color, tone, and design of your paint job must reflect just how great your company is. It is truly an investment. Keep your business image looking new and vibrant with a commercial Houston Painting Contractor from Brand Construction.

Choose Your Color, Choose Your Design

Colors instantly create a mood. They trigger an emotion. So it’s important for your customers to feel a certain mood or emotion the second they walk into your company. Brand Construction offers a wide selection of colors and tones to match your company’s vibe. Do you like neutral colors which are easy on the eyes? How about colors which enhance your professional image? Or you choose to go bold and make a statement with bright bold colors that put the wow factor in your space. Maybe even stripes or dots. Whatever your taste, Brand can deliver a great look that is perfect for your business. Dark colors, light colors – we do it all!

Hassle – Free Commercial Painting

Brand is the Houston Painting Contractor you can count on. Our Houston remodeling contractor will take the headache out of the remodeling projects. Our Brand certified team takes great care with each of our valued clients. We listen closely, offer experienced consultation, and deliver on time with amazing results! Business owners love our affordable service which puts money back into their business. Our reputation is strong in the business community and our superior work can be seen in offices and business properties all over Houston!

Brand Construction provides a broad range of commercial products and services for business owners in Houston. Some of our services include:

  • Construction Design
  • Commercial Remodeling
  • Restroom Remodeling
  • Break Room Remodeling
  • Houston Painting Contractor
  • Office Additions
  • Insurance Restoration
  • Interior Design & Decorating
  • Consulting
  • Office Build Out

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